Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help individuals, communities and families achieve freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.
We support our clients on their personal journey to recovery, helping them through drug and alcohol rehab to build a new future free from addiction.

Behavioural Disorder

Behavioural addiction is similar to Alcohol and Drug Addiction in the sense of a particular behaviour replacing alcohol and drugs leading to various problems in personal and other areas of a person's life. Upon entering our treatment centre, you receive a thorough physical and psychological assessment conducted by a consultant psychiatrist. A proper diagnosis of behavioural addiction takes place. A personalised rehab plan is then drawn up. This plan reflects the challenges your behavioural addiction presents. During rehab treatment you then receive a highly structured regime of therapy. A behavioural disorder involves a compulsive desire to engage in destructive behaviours. A behavioural addiction does not involve substance misuse, although it is common to ‘co-occur’ in the same individual. Behavioural addiction is a pattern of behaviour which follows a cycle similar to that of substances. The Behavioural addiction generally begins with the experience of pleasure in association with behaviour and seeking that behaviour. Initially it starts as a way of enhancing their experience of life and later as a way of coping with stress and tension. Eventually the process of seeking out and engaging in the behaviour becomes more frequent and ritualised until it becomes a significant part of the person's daily life overtaking all other activities giving pleasure earlier.Some of the Behavioural addiction includes
Gambling, Pornography watching, Computer games, Internet and Mobile Addiction, Internet Game addiction Throughout rehab treatment our staffs adopt a humanistic and individualised approach that is designed to tackle your unique addiction. Therapy takes place in group and individual sessions. Once rehab draws to a conclusion a personalised aftercare plan is drawn up. Every client is entitled to an entire year’s worth of aftercare following the completion of the residential phase of rehabilitation. Aftercare sessions take place every week for an additional fifty-two weeks following the completion of your programme.Our treatment programmes are individually designed to make sure you achieve your recovery goals. The programmes use a combination of group and individual therapy sessions. It combines advice, education and guidance with therapies for the mind, body and soul. These therapies will help you with the understanding of the addiction and help achieve recovery goals and provide freedom from alcohol and drugs.There are many methods and programs available to treat substance abuse and addiction. More and more programs are focussing on a holistic approach that encompasses a variety of methods and tools to helpachieve, maintain and enhance recovery. Yoga is a complementary health practice that is often considered a natural form of medicine.

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